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  1. 1. Global Sourcing on any items

  • Whatever you want to source, we can get those things for you.
  • USB, Mugs, Silicon, Stationary, Tin, Glass, etc. You name it, we get it for you.





2. OEM, License, Branded and Private Label Projects

  • With over 10 years OEM experience, we are the solutions to your manufacturing needs!
  • From design, to prototype, to your final product, you are problem-free!


3. Candy R&D

  • Our factory is very strong on multiple candy development. In particular, we create different dextrose pressed candy, gummy jellys, hard lollipops, etc and supply to all over the world


4. Candy and Chocolate Co-packing Facility

  • With valid import and export licenses for different candies around the world, you can source your plastic products around China and send them to our factory in Guangdong for our dust free workshop for co-packing! It is HACCP and ISO22000 approved workplace!


5. Plastic Tooling and Prototype Needs

  • With our professional designer and well experiences staffs, we can ensure your artwork born to earth! We have our own tooling work place in Dongguan for all kind of products. We also provide export tooling service.


6. On-site Quality Assurance and/or Product Inspection

  • We provide quality assurance and product inspection services to our customers. Our experienced staff will travel over China to ensure your products are in good quality


7. China Factory Certification – Consultancy Service

  • If you need to apply different certificates including ISO, ICTI, Disney FAMA, HACCP or all other certifications needed by your customer in Guangdong, China. You are more than welcome to send us your enquiry!

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